The breaking point

This place used to be my home, but now it’s barely recognizable. It’s grown uncomfortable, or rather, I have in it. There have been changes in my life. Some of these changes I created for myself, others were unexpected. And others still are pieces of my childhood surfacing for the first time. Those are the ones causing the most problems. And I’ve been unable to make them work with my current situation.

They say facing your problems is the only responsible thing to do in these scenarios. But what do you do when facing your problems means facing the fact that you and your life have become incompatible? I tried to reconcile these for years – I’m not even sure how long anymore. Seems like forever since I was happy. The conclusion I’ve came to was that some lives have only a certain amount of mileage and when that runs dry you can either become complacent and let your life’s joy atrophy or cut your losses, take your lessons, and rebuild from the ground up.

Start over.

My decision was met with a lot of criticism from people who didn’t understand. How could they understand? It was my life that was broken, not theirs. Their advice delayed taking action, but when things didn’t change it became glaringly obvious it was time to go.

Go where? When you’re planning on leaving home, the only place that you know, no places feels totally safe. The answer is – anywhere works. It really doesn’t matter.